Adult Lessons 

 Howe Driving School offers a number of courses for adults. Since adults have a personal history with driving, the average number of lessons for adults varies according to previous experience and proficiency levels. You and your driving instructor will evaluate your progress and assess your goals after each lesson.


  • Individual one-on-one road lessons
  • Adult mandatory eight-hour safe driving class
  • Free pick-up and delivery
  • Prep for your DMV road test
  • Male and female instructors
  • Dual-controlled, fully insured vehicles
  • Defensive driving emphasis
  • Highway driving
  • Individual road evaluations


After May 1, 2009, only teens with a photo permit can take their license tests at driving schools.

Adults must be tested at a DMV facility. Check with your local DMV branch office for particulars

or the CT DMV website.



Road appointments may be scheduled directly by calling our offices during office hours.

Please specify if you wish to be picked up or will be meeting us at our office for your appointment.

You should call to verify your appointment the day before.

If you have a preference of instructors, please ask in advance.

Please tell your instructor at the start of your lesson where you wish to end your lesson.

Cancellations or change of pick-up location must be given 24 hours in advance and 48 hours for weekend appointments.

After office hours, please use our voicemail to leave any messages.

Late notice or missed appointments are subject to a CANCELLATION CHARGE.


Do you have a current license but lack the skills or the confidence to drive?

Maybe you haven't driven for a while and now you find it necessary.

Need your driving evaluated? Yes, it is one of our specialties.

We will tailor your refresher course toward your personal needs. Your everyday driving will be the focus.

Gaining the confidence you need to meet today's complex and demanding tasks will be our goal.

Adult Permits

New Adult drivers 18 and over must now obtain an Adult Learner Permit for any behind the wheel instruction.

The Adult must hold an Adult Learner Permit for a minimum of  90 days before taking the road skill test.

The permit MUST be in your possession when you drive at all times.

You need to schedule an appointment for the road test with a DMV branch office when eligible.

Obtaining a Permit

Schedule your permit test appointment online at:
https://www.dmvteen.ct.gov/dmv/do-it-online you may choose your test date, time of the test and the DMV branch office. You must pay online with a credit card ($40.00) includes the DMV road test fee.

Since you will have an appointment at the DMV your testing time will be at that time.

No Waiting hours!

Do not forget to bring with you:

  1. Birth certificate and valid passport
  2. Social Security card (with Signature)
  3. Address verification (two envelopes addressed to you processed through the mail- postmarked not over 90 days)
  4. DMV road and law license test fee ($40)
  5. $19.00 Permit fee

Law Test Consists of

25 questions (must get 20 correct to pass)

Eye exam (Bring glasses or contacts if you require them!)


The emphasis is on accident-avoidance techniques. Taking this course will give you the tools needed in understanding and assessing "Risk Management," so important in today's hectic, complex driving situations.

Defensive driving is a major part of any good driver's habits. We will teach you how to develop and use defensive driving steps to avoid potential hazardous situations.

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